Jerahi B'lock

A Mandalorian from Clan Ordo, and one of Wade Reynolds' best friend, Jerahi is considered to be one of the deadliest warriors in Clan Ordo.


Jerahi B’lock grew up on the planet Ordo and trained to be a shock trooper if Kamino needed more trainers for the Clone Army. But when the Galactic Empire came about, his training was now focused on an army for Mandalore should they ever need it. While training he met Wade Reynolds and the two became fast friends.

When Clan Ordo received orders to run to Mandalore and avenge the death of Dutchess Satine, Jerahi was sent with Elder Wrex to the surface of Mandalore while Wade went to attack Pre Vizla personally. After the battle he was upset at Wade’s choice to venture out with Kannon Doom as a bounty hunter, but would respect his wishes and lived on.

It wasn’t until two years later that Clan Ordo received a direct threat for Wade that Jerahi would contact Wade.

Jerahi B'lock

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